Reasons and the importance of startups at IRAN

1. Linking startups by creating knowledge and its efficacy on the country’s development process

2. Helping to transfer and localize knowledge and technology in the nation.

3. Diversification of the sources of national production revenues.

4. Diversification of economic investment in the nation.

5. Investing in the growth of capital and human resources of the country in the fields of knowledge / basic technology.

6. The power and ability to grow fast and fast startups compared to other sectors.

7. Publishing the culture of creativity and innovation and strengthening the process of commercialization and transforming knowledge into a product with high economic value.

8. The Influence of the Growth of this Culture on Reduction of Unemployment among Youth, Public Participation in Solving the Problems of Employment, Growth and Production.

9. Job opportunities in the nation In short, the accelerator can be considered as the centerpiece of the rapid growth of IP companies. Since a significant number of owners of ideas and innovations lack sufficient financial strength or knowledge and an adequate marketing network to develop their business, the accelerator provides a complete set of services for the growth of a new business, such as Funds, types of advice, technologies, and equipment, as well as space for the startup company, will provide beginner startups for a relatively short period of time. In fact, the main mission of the accelerator is to boost a start-up (the emerging company) and turn it into a company that can compete and grow alone in the market after leaving the accelerator support.

10. Carrying out necessary measures in order to maintain and maintain their information and secure storage.

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