Network and Information Security Advice

Network and Information Security Advice

Consulting in designing and implementing Wireless, Wan, Lan networks
Create WAN connections using LEASED lines and satellite communications
Create high-speed fiber optic networks
Provide specialized network equipment (PASSIVE, ACTIVE)
Create Wireless Networks (WIRELESSS)
Design and installation of IP TELEPHONY systems
Advice on installing networked antivirals
Providing design services, installation of networked cameras and image storage
Advice on the purchase of specialized network equipment
Security Supervision

Given the importance of ensuring the accuracy of the activities carried out in the field of security, it is necessary to ensure the operation of the security system by methods such as penetration testing. In this section, monitoring and monitoring tools and technical audit visits are performed in the security sector and the problems are identified and resolved.

With the increasing spread of information technology and communication and its ongoing link with people’s lives, today the Internet has become one of the most comprehensive means of communication and reference for individuals to choose. The breadth and speed of access to a website’s information is a reasonable cost compared to the facilities and services provided to its users, as well as the ability to update and manage it as one of the most important features of a website.

Variety in dealing with the audience, continuity in relation to customers and answering their questions and their needs, regardless of time constraints and without intermediaries, low cost (in comparison with other methods of information and advertising) all led to the introduction And the provision of services and products to companies, manufacturing, business and service organizations via the Internet is one of the most common ways of marketing and communicating with consumers.

For this purpose, CANDO Corporation has been able, through several years of experience, to provide appropriate services through web design and corporate portal projects and appropriate support afterwards to meet the needs of service providers. And respond to their needs.